What is Coaching?

Farah Bernier
We live in a day and age where more and more folks are introducing themselves as life coaches, proclaiming that they’re here to provide all the answers to anything you’re struggling with!  This, my friends, I boldly say IS NOT COACHING!  At best, it’s advising and potentially good mentoring.

In my practice, I share with my clients that coaching is simply a partnership between you and I in which you invite me to position myself as your mirror along your journey to increase self-awareness, highlighting areas of opportunities and what makes you fabulous so that you can set your own intentions, have accountability for staying true to them, achieve desired impact and success as your most authentic self!  The invitation is not one that I take lightly and I consider it a great honor to be part of your journey!

Additionally, there is a difference between therapy and coaching.  The simplest way to think about the difference is that a therapist provides help in reflecting on the past with you while a coach helps you specify what future you’re targeting and partners to determine how best to get there. Therapist, past….coach, future.

What is coaching?

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