Why with Farah?

Not only have I worked in organizations where I was able to advise leaders as well as individual contributors, I have been in the conversations where you have been discussed and evaluated for your performance and more importantly the perceived potential these leaders believe you have….or lack.  More often than not, and there is data behind it, women and minorities are evaluated under different standards….even when not intentional…bias plays a part.  I’ve heard it all….

She needs to be more confident.  

I don’t know if he really has the fire in his belly.  

I think she just needs one more year in this role before she
can be considered for promotion.  

I’m still not sure he’s the right fit.  

This all boils down to your personal brand.  That’s where the partnership between you and I comes into play and can have a real impact on your future!

Working with me involves going through a tried and tested approach to personal branding that hones in on three critical phases:


Self-discovery: leveraging reflection and valid assessments to increase self-awareness and understanding of how you currently “show up”

Self-definition: proactively deciding how your want to show up, crafting your brand, and setting intentions around your story

Self-distinction: recognizing, embracing, and advocating your own distinct traits, skills, and value-adding characteristics, setting a plan on how to reinforce these on the day to day

Ultimately, through action-based professional coaching, I partner with you to elevate your personal confidence, professional excellence and empower your to show up as your best self with intention and impact.

Still need a little more proof?  Totally understand.  Here’s some feedback from my clients!

Isn’t it time to invest in you?

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