Why should I Invest?

Farah BernierWe all have friends who we trust to advise and counsel us when needed.  Some of us are fortunate enough to have friends who are going to be brutally honest with us just as much as they will love us when needed.  So why a coach?  

Coaching is a craft that goes beyond advising and telling you how fabulous you are.  It involves a level of objectivity, coupled with a true and genuine belief in the possibility of anything and everything, supported by assessments that provide insight and awareness for continued progression.  Without the proper training, friends and family just aren’t positioned to do that.  Even they would refer you to an expert.

I believe in the opportunity and ROI of coaching so much that I actually have two who focus on different things with me. That being said, the most key reasons to invest in yourself in this way are

Accountability: Even the most disciplined of us needs some form of accountability. This isn’t about having someone who’s going to push you just for pushing’s sake. Instead, this is about having a true partner who will help you maintain the integrity of honoring your own personal goals, especially when there are so many things that can get us off course from time to time.

Facilitated Reflection: This is where the benefits of assessments come into play. We all have access to so many resources that will help us gain more insight into ourselves, are targeted path and outcomes and opportunities for fully coming into our best selves. The challenge lies in not necessarily being able to remain objective and unbiased, then move from awareness to intentional reflection that leads to actions of impact. Coaches provide the facilitated reflection needed for development and progression.

Clarity: Sometimes it’s just difficult to even determine what is it we want, need, aspire to, and, quite frankly, what we don’t. Coaches play the role of a mirror – one without smudges, filters, or judgements. This is exactly what’s needed to jump into identifying the process of discovery, definition, and distinction. Otherwise, we continue to be limited only by what we see or those who are filtered by extensive experiences with us see.

Competitive Advantage: I have seen time and time again, the folks who take the time to invest in some self-reflection and practical engagement with a coach are better positioned for success than others who don’t invest in this way. It’s just an absolute given. I don’t make such definitive arguments for most things but when I do, it’s because there’s some experience and evidence that supports it beyond measure. Just think of the last situation in which you were up against the potential of “winning” or not. Even if the loss was to yourself, would’ve you have been better positioned had you just had even a 20-minute coaching session with someone to partner in setting your plan and execution? The advantage is undeniable.

Unlimited ROI: I have clients who have come back to me years later sharing pieces of our very first conversation that they applied to a current situation. It. Just. Always. Works!!!!

For more on the benefits of coaching from other experts, check out insights from the International Coach Federation: Benefits of Using a Coach.

Why should I Invest?


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