"In just eight months of coaching with Farah, I was promoted to a new position, received a pay raise, learned to advocate for myself, and successfully navigated organizational changes." ~Zoraida

"Since I started working with Farah, I've been able to grow my leadership skills, grow my income, grow my influence in a way that is authentic to me." ~Shanae

"Farah Bernier has been instrumental in my shift from being a professional just going through the motions to one who thinks more strategically. I cannot thank her enough for the incredible professional growth and confidence that has emerged because of our coaching sessions." ~Tricia

"I had a wonderful time working with Farah. Farah was very professional during our sessions together. She was very objective and able to coach me through some of my personal anxieties when it comes to work. Farah was able to help me land a job opportunity at my current company with her very deliberate interview coaching techniques.  Overall, it was such a fun experience being coached by somebody was able to speak from an experienced HR professional point of view."  ~Katrina

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