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Dear You... Yes, You!  Welcome!!!

We all go through different seasons in this life in which we pause, even if just for a bit, to engage in some reflection!  The beauty of these seasons is that they position us to take a look back at where we've been, who we've been, how we've engaged, and potentially some things we feel we may have missed or just haven't yet achieved.  Additionally, these seasons position us perfectly to engage in the work of answering some intense questions.

How did I get here?

Why am I here? Is this really what I want?

What is it that I want? Do I really know? How do I figure it all out?

This can all be quite overwhelming...if we let it.  That's the key to progress of any form, realizing that everything is a choice, especially when we're choosing how to respond to situations, circumstances, opportunities....seasons.  And in this realization, in the choices we make, is the sweet spot of brilliantly arriving at the recognition of the truth that we are already, fearfully and wonderfully made....it's just time to decide how to walk into that...authentically...however we so choose!

The best part of this is that none of us have to do it alone.  In fact, I submit it's much better not to.  That's where the partnership between you and I comes into play!!!

So, who am I?  So glad you asked!  

Your partner in living fabulously fierce, 

Farah BernierFarah Bernier


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